In a newly released single titled Everybody Ago Know, Dancehall singer Ishawna reveals all -- from 'quinting up' her pu$$y for her sideman and letting "rev out" and "cum" in her every week -- following her silent break up with ex-fiance Foota Hype.

Ishawna - Everybody Ago Know (Raw) -

Was cheating on ?

Interesting yrics from the Ishawna’s song Everybody Ago Know:

“Two a wi cya stop cheat … you come inna mi p-ssy every week.”

Music: Ishawna – Everybody Ago Know (Raw)

Just last year there were talks of wedding bells for couple Ishawna and Foota Hype, but the singer says their relationship has ended.

In April of last year, the celebrity couple announced that they would be getting married after nearly a decade together.

Ishawna says she does not expect any awkwardness between them despite being in the relationship for almost nine years and having a child together.

“At this moment, we both understand that this is not working. At the end of the day, I still have love for him,” Ishawna told media reporters.


With her career as her main focus, Ishawna says she is has recently released the visual for Need Love.

Video: Ishawna – Need Love

She has collaborated with for a song called Hottest Gal, and she is also featured on another song with Specialist.

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