Dancehall artist Jada Kingdom addresses an alleged video of her getting her melons sucked by a popular recording artist.

has broken her silence on a viral video that shows a woman in a compromising position via social media.

In the footage, a woman resembling the singjay can get seen getting her melons sucked by a popular Kingston-based tattoo/recording artist.

The clip surfaced earlier this week after several Dancehall Gossip blogs claimed it was the “Love Situations” hitmaker.

However, Jada Kingdom is now stepping forward to deny the allegations.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the entertainer exposed the falseness of the claims.

“I’ll leave you all to your assumptions. I guess just exposed myself…. I guess my tattoos got “videoshopped” out,” she said.

“My nxpple rings just magically disappeared, my gauges mystically reduced. and my lips got black…. suddenly,” Jada continued.

“However they say that’s me in the video….. ALLEGEDLY,” she added.

Jada Kingdom also shared several videos of the couple in the alleged video.

“All i know is that man loves that woman,” she expressed before proceeding to the official video shoot for her swimsuit line.

Jada Kingdom Instagram Photos Leaked

Photo credit: Instagram (@ms.kingdom)

Earlier this year, Jada Kingdom revealed that she has tried to hold it together over the past few months following harsh blows by social media.

“I am trying hard not to break but being strong gets tiring especially for someone like me. Do not follow up any negative s**t you see over the media about me, because that’s all that ever gets promoted, the bad or the lies, never the good or the truth,” she wrote on Instagram.

“These people try to use my disorders against me all the time and they try to tear me down, as if I wouldn’t notice. I am not crazy,” she added.

She was recently made the face of streaming service Tidal’s ‘Rising’ playlist for the Dancehall/ music.

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