Will Smith's son is still the victim of the cruel ongoing prank that he had committed suicide.

Is dead?

The internet sure seems to think he could be! Find out here the truth behind these crazy viral rumors that the young actor committed suicide.

A new slew of reports came out yesterday, September 10, talking about rumors that the actor Jaden Smith, 18, is dead.

The Inquisitr and The Morning Ledger have written that reports are claiming that Will Smith’s, 47, son committed suicide.

Some of these reports have allegedly even claimed there’s a suicide video that reportedly features the child actor announcing his plan of killing himself and saying goodbye.

The reports also claim that not only is the young actor dead, but that he committed suicide following Angelina Jolie, who apparently did the same last month.

The situation then became more believable when a tweeted-then-deleted photo of Jayden’s girlfriend, Sarah Snyder, 21, surfaced that showed her in bed with another guy. It was assumed that Jaden was heartbroken over his cheating partner; hence, his suicide.

Hype Life Magazine looked into these terrible internet rumors and discovered that they are not new. In fact, Jaden has actually been the center of multiple death reports, this newest one beginning over a month ago now — it just won’t die! None of his other death reports have gone quite this far though.

However, Hype life Magazine is confident that Jaden is alive and well.

While Jaden himself has not yet responded to the death hoax that has been circulating the internet, he has maintained his active social media accounts and has even been seen out in public since the hoax began in August.

In fact, he has spotted just four days ago on a double date with pals Miley Cyrus, 23, and Liam Hemsworth, 26.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, Jaden was spotted with Sarah Snyder in New York City.

Jaden Smith and Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Step Out In New York City September 2016

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