Jah Cure’s Ghostwriter Says Reggae Star Threatens To Kill Her

Jah Cure is in serious trouble after allegedly threatening to kill his ghostwriter. Full story inside!

Jah Cure's Ghostwriter Says Reggae Star Threatens To Kill Her

A songwriter has alleged that issued death threats against her life.

The St Lucian woman, Tamara John, also known as Lady Stone, took to social media to share evidence allegedly of the Reggae star sending her offensive message via WhatsApp.

The ghostwriter recently went on Facebook Live to disclose that she has been receiving death threats for speaking out.

In November, Jah Cure and Tamara John made headlines when the songwriter claimed she was cheated out of song credits and royalties for several musical projects the pair worked on in the past.

She revealed that she wrote numerous songs for the Reggae singer and was promised writer’s credit on his upcoming album “Royal Soldier” but none of that materialized, according to Lady Stone.

Lady Stone said that the situation got worse earlier this year when the singer cheated her out of credits to a song which appeared on DJ Frass’ “Road To Success” album, claiming that Jah Cure was the sole writer of the track.

She stated that she will be taking legal action against Jah Cure for the track, demanding that it be removed online, an action which would cause Dj Frass’ entire album to be pulled from all digital distribution.

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