Jah Cure and Kamila McDonald have allegedly reached a divorce agreement...

It is being alleged that artist , and his estranged wife, fitness guru have finally reached a divorce agreement.

Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alcock, and Kamila are said to have agreed to work out the divorce in a private forum. They both also intended to work towards reunifying their family.

They’re also said to have released a joint statement to some Jamaican media sources on Wednesday, stating that they would use private judges in the future to ensure that all the proceedings of their divorce will be kept confidential.

Jah Cure Breaks Silence On Split Rumors From Wife Kamila McDonald

Private judges are usually used in high profile cases. The use of private judges would enable the couple to keep the details of the divorce out of the public eye.

If legitimate, the statement would be the first joint statement from both parties since they filed for a divorce in November 2015.

One alleged hold up of proceedings was said to be the couple not being able to reach a custody agreement for their daughter. It is said that Kamila wanted sole custody.

Jamaican law usually leads to a ruling of joint custody for both parents.

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