Kim Kardashian is reportedly the most searched and viewed pórn star in America.

recently released their statistics for 2016 and there were a few surprises. Firstly, America is the #1 pórn watching country in the world.

Surprisingly, the most searched and viewed pórn star among Americans was no other than social media sensation .

This may not be something she would be too proud of, but who knows.

Also, the United States watched the most porn per capita, maintaining their #1 spot over the last few years.

Some of the most popular searched phrases in the United States were for “big bóóty latinas,” “big black d*ck” and “ebóny” more than anything else. Also, one strange inclusion to that list was “lesbian scissoring.”

The states with the highest views are Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. While the states that view the least content were Oregon, Utah and Kansas. Overall viewing time also increase on average by 30 seconds.

PornHub is the most popular pórn aggregator in the world is notorious for collecting and publishing massive amounts of data, which they share liberally. 

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