Konshens and I-Octane feud intensifies as the Dancehall artists send subliminal warnings.

The feud between and intensifies as the artists throw subliminal warning to each other.

Konshens broke his silence on reports that I-Octane allegedly vandalized his Range Rover as he responded to Foota Hype on the issue.

I-Octane Accused of Vandalizing Konshens’ Range Rover in Miami

On Tuesday (May 30), the Dancehall selector and close friend of I-Octane suggested that the two Jamaican entertainers should have a musical clash after their feud reignited over the weekend when Konshens’ Range Rover was allegedly damaged in Miami.

Following an Instagram live stream by Foota Hype’s, the “Winner” deejay took to his social media to share a video addressing the issue.

“@footahypemusic stop gas up f**kry. Anno everybody it fit. Me an u boss anno fren but dat no mean him a mi enemy. Description fit him so him name aggo call a suh life guh an mi hope to God anno him to. Caaz a gal move dat,” Konshens wrote on Instagram.

See footage of Konshens sending a subliminal warning to I-Octane…


I-Octane then responded to Konshens’ tensed response with a subliminal warning via social media.

The “Hot Ras” deejay shared a video replying to the “Gal A Bubble” deejay who hinted that their feud wouldn’t be lyrical if I-Octane admitted to damaged his Range Rover.

See footage of I-Octane responding to Konshens…


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