Menelik, the son of Reggae star Luciano, was stabbed and killed during an altercation with unknown assailants on February 27, 2016.

Menelik McClymont, ’s 19-year-old son, was stabbed several times on Saturday (Feb 27) around 2:30 pm in the vicinity of Parkington Plaza on Half-Way-Tree Road, St Andrew.

He died in hospital the next day from his injuries.

Luciano has made an emotional YouTube appeal for information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible for his son’s murder.

“Dem kill mi son,” the star said sombrely in Jamaican patois.

“These culprits cyaan just get away, kill off innocent people and run gone hide and live like all is well.”

The global star’s four-minute video urges members of the public with any leads on the killing of his son, 19-year-old Menelik McClymont, to contact the police.

“The youth ah go school, and dem lay wait him, him pass some yute, and dem say ‘weh yu a look pon mi so?’. Some little unnecessary tings mi see that gwaan wid dem yute ya, dem anxious fi kill, is like dem have bitterness inna dem heart. Him come out and go inna altercation and before yu look. knife pop out and dem stab him up. Last night, mi de a hospital the whole night, dem really try with him,” Luciano, whose real name is Jepther McClymont, said in the video posted online.

He made an appeal to the public for any information that can lead to the apprehension of those responsible for his son’s death. The stabbing occurred in the vicinity of Maths Unlimited in Parkington Plaza. 

“Right now, mi need some information. Anyone with information who know these culprits, cause dem drive off inna vehicle. These culprits cannot just get away with taking an innocent life,” Luciano pleaded. 

Luciano (given name Jephter McClymont) is known for his spiritual reggae hits including Lord Give Me Strength, It’s Me Again Jah and Sweep Over My Soul. The 51-year-old was recently nominated for Best Reggae Album for his set Zion Awake.

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