Machel Montano is dismissing rumors that he was arrested in New York at the JFK Airport for trying to smuggle 20kg of cocaine in his luggage.

Soca superstar  is refuting reports that he was arrested in New York at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday for cocaine possession.

Trinidadian soca singer has said a story circulating online that he was arrested at JFK airport in relation to drug charges is completely fake.

In fact, Montano is in at the moment and is advising fans not to be sold on everything they see on the Internet. 

An article posted on a fake news site,, said Montano was arrested while passing through JFK airport for trying to smuggle 20 kilograms of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee inside his suitcase.

On Thursday Montano who performed at We Day 2016 in Toronto the day before, responded to a fan who inquired about the report.

“U really think that’s “USA tv” and if so what tv is that ?,” Machel responded.

“The whole world knows I’m in Canada ! Don’t be sold everything u see in the internet!” he added.

Montano then uploaded a photo of a plane ticket with a lengthy message to his fans.

He revealed that he was absolutely okay and was en route to spend the weekend with his daughter who received a scholarship to Ohio State University in the United States.

Montano also expressed that if people wanted to spread something, they should spread love and peace or spread good news.

“Now the more you do positive in life understand that there will be more negative opposing forces trying to counteract ! So while we spread love to a 20,000 full arena in Toronto in order to inspire positive change in our world , someone is busy defaming our character with a fake story on a fake website and have people all over the world wasting not only their time and energy to spread rumors or to debunk them but also blowing up my busy phone to ask me if I’m ok 🙂….. I’m wayyyyyyyyy ok ! I’m on my way to spend the weekend with my daughter who received a scholarship to OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY…which I’m so PROUD of ! So if you want to spread something spread love or peace ✌🏾❤️or spread that good news !” he said.

The same fake news site later published a similar story about UK soccer sensation David Beckham.

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