Zoe Foster-Rosemond, the married woman who Usain Bolt sent a private message, has broken her silence. She explained what really happened!

The married woman who sent a cryptic message on Instagram last week has finally opened up about the controversy.

The Saint Lucian blogger and make-up artist name Zoe Foster-Rosemond went viral on Thursday after she shared a screenshot of the “retired sprint star sliding into her Direct Message” via her Instagram Story.

Zoe broke her silence in a video titled “(Usain Bolt) Addressing the Drama!!), which was uploaded to her Youtube channel which she shares with her husband Daran, to reveal what really happened.

Usain Bolt Gets Caught Sliding In Married Woman’s DMs

Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Kasi Reacts After Retired Sprinter’s DM Scandal

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Zoe Foster-Rosemond revealed that she was home with her spouse when she got an Instagram notification that the Jamaican sprint legend-turn-footballer sent her a private text.

She disclosed that she immediately took a screenshot of the message and showed her husband then subsequently shared it to her Instagram story.

She denied leaking the message for attention and made it clear that she has no interest in Usain Bolt.

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