Mavado is steering clear of Jamaica because the deejay is fearful for his safety amid his son's murder case, according to sources.

is reportedly fearful of returning to Jamaica amid his legal issues.

The Dancehall artist, who left Jamaica three weeks ago, has remained in the United States despite being wanted by Kingston police for questioning.

According to new reports, sources close to the “Weh Dem A Do” deejay revealed that “Mavado is unlikely to return to the island anytime soon and he is staying away for his safety.”

“A nuff things going on right now, the place hot and it make sense the Gad [Mavado] just cool out a foreign until things cool down,” sources claimed.

“Right now not even the police you can’t trust because a nuff a them a link with badman and a plot against singer in secret. So the best thing for him right now a just stay a foreign.”

Since the gun attack on Mavado earlier this month in Cassava Piece, there has been a flare-up of violence in the community.

The deejay’s attorney, Tamika Harris, recently disclosed that the singer looks forward to returning to Jamaica but he wants to avoid the media.

Mavado Staying Away From Jamaica Fearful For His Safety

His 16-year-old son, who was recently arrested for murder and other charges, has been accused of giving his co-accused, Andre Hinds, an order to behead their murder victim.

The juvenile has denied the allegations.

Mavado has also expressed that his son is innocent.

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