Mavado's son returns to the court to seek bail on murder charges while Dancehall artist avoids police's request for questioning.

’s son will return to the Supreme Court on May 10th to seek bail on murder charges.

Peter Champagnie, who is now the attorney representing the teenager, revealed that the defense team is making the best efforts to ensure that the bail application is granted.

“We will be making a bail application, and we will be making our best efforts to ensure that the application is granted,” the lawyer told media reporters.

Last year, Mavado’s son was charged jointly with 23-year-old Andre Hines for the June 5, 2018 murder of Lorenzo Thomas, otherwise called ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’, in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. Both were charged with conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The teen has repeatedly been denied bail since he was picked up by the police in June 2018, and remains in custody.

Detectives are reportedly still interested in speaking with Mavado about the case, but the entertainer is currently in the United States where he is a legal permanent resident.

The teenager had also been accused of giving his co-accused, Hinds, an order to behead Thomas.

Reports were that a witness statement given to the police had alleged that Mavado’s son gave the instruction.

“Memba di boss want him head,” the juvenile allegedly said to Hinds.

The statement further alleged that Hinds attempted to carry out the order but only managed to partially sever Thomas’s head.

The teenager denied the allegations when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

In February, Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels told media reporters that the younger Brooks last appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in December 2018, at which time it was recommended that the matter be sent to the Supreme Court for trial.

“The problem with getting bail for him was that he came before the court with murder and three other charges,” Samuels explained.

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