Mel B's ex-nanny claims the singer was addicted to drugs, sex, and alcohol in a family court amid custody battle with her ex-man.

’s drinking problems are so bad that her children should not be left around her without supervision, a former caretaker for her kids claims.

The English singer couldn’t take care of her kids on her own because she got blackout drunk nearly every day, according to explosive testimony given by her ex-nanny, Russell Updegraff.

The Girls singer and her ex, Stephen Belafonte, are battling it out over custody today in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Ahead of the hearing, Updegraff, who said he served as a caretaker for the couple’s two children for several months this year, filed a declaration detailing Mel B’s “serious drinking problem.”

The man, who took care of kids Angel, 11, and Madison, 6, for several months this year, said in a custody hearing that the singer started drinking beer around 10 a.m., later moving on to wine and liquor.

He said Mel B “usually drinks daily, often passing out later in the day or blacking out.”

“Melanie will become mean and belligerent, or she will be completely off the rails in terms of her behavior,” media reports quoted him as saying.

“Melanie slurs her words and speaks incoherently about random topics and subjects, and jumps from one story to the next, unable to finish one conversation or one task, jumping from one thing to the next.”

Updegraff claimed that Mel B often asked him to get her cocaine but does not say he saw her do cocaine during his employment.

He also claimed that she used to do cocaine in the past.

“I recall that Melanie asked me if I could get her cocaine when she was in the hospital on the day she gave birth to Angel.,” he said.

Updegraff claimed her drinking leads to aggressive behavior towards the children. He describes one incident, according to his deposition.

“Angel came running into my room, claiming that her mother grabbed her, shook her and dug her nails into her,” he claimed.

Updegraff said that Mel B also brought strange men home and describes one incident where he claims one of the men “told me that he was taking Madison to the bathroom to shower her off” after they had been in the pool together. He added that he later told her about the incident but she “dismissed the whole issue, saying that’s ‘how french people are.’”

Updegraff also claimed that the “Wannabe” singer couldn’t take care of her kids on her own.

He concluded his declaration by saying, “Aside from the obvious alcohol addiction and her addiction to multiple partners that she brings around the children, I truly believe that Melanie is mentally and/or psychologically unstable and is suffering from some form of mental health issue. I do not believe the children are safe in her custody without supervision or monitoring. I do not believe it is in the children’s best interests to be left in her care. Until Melanie gets the help that she needs, the children must be protected.”

Mel filed papers with the court after the hearing, denying she has an alcohol problem or that she’s addicted to sex, according to reports.

It said that she’s willing to take random drug and alcohol tests and that Updegraff and her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, are working together “to exaggerate and make up stories” about her.

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