The young lady who was on the receiving end of Miguel's leg drop at the Billboard Music Awards may have suffered brain damage from the incident and will possibly sue.

2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show

The young lady who was on the receiving end of ’s leg drop at the may have suffered brain damage from the incident and almost definitely will sue.

Khyati Shah’s attorney tells TMZ that Shah continues to be struggling on account of the incident.

“Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury,” he said.

Immediately after the incident, Shah was given an ice pack that her attorney says was designed for an elbow, rather than being rushed to the hospital.

Miguel appeared in a backstage interview with Shah and expressed his concern, however the general apology is now obviously disproved to any realistic agreement that she was fine.

Miguel himself tweeted that he “got caught up in the moment” and said Shah was “okay.”

Reports are that representatives for Billboard Music Awards have passed the blame for a leg drop incident that took place involving R&B crooner Miguel absolutely on the singer.

According to entertainment website TMZ, producers of the award show had ordered Miguel prior to the show not to jump over the audience during his performance. Reports indicated that they had advised the R&B star that the idea was too dangerous.

Further reports are that Miguel ignored this order and performed the wild bounce anyway which resulted in a member of the audience Khyati Shah being injured in the “leg drop” incident.

The incident immediately changed into a meme on Twitter and Instagram, with many users uploading photos transposing Miguel’s mid-air body onto different photos.

Miguel has responded to reports suggesting that producers warned him not to jump during his Billboard Music Awards performance, where he accidentally kicked a fan in the head, telling Us Weekly that he was not told any special instruction before taking the stage.

“The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false,” his rep tells media repoters. (TMZ also reported the denial.)

On Tuesday, June 4, a lawyer for injured fan, Khyati Shah, informed TMZ that his client had been exhibiting symptoms that might indicate brain damage.

While the lawyer stated that neurological tests and potential legal action are pending, the “Sure Thing” singer tells Us Weekly that Shah’s health remains at the forefront of his thoughts.

Shah will wait to decide to sue until she receives word from her neurologist.

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