Dancehall veteran Ninjaman is claiming to have received death threats from a promoter. Find out the full story!

veteran Ninjaman is claiming to have received death threats from a promoter whom he said has contended that the deejay has been trying to ruin an upcoming event, Hype Life Magazine understands.

Ninjaman, seemingly upset by the reported development, said in a radio interview that he will be seeking assistance from local telephone companies to determine the source of a number of calls to him with blocked number identification, before formally reporting the matter to the police.

Ninja Man Dancehall Veteran BadMan 2016

The “Murder Dem” deejay who has had a long string of serious run-ins with the law and has done significant time behind bars, said he once would have taken a confrontational approach to such a situation.

“Mi dun wid dem tings deh now… but mi nuh ‘fraid a death,” he said.

After experiencing a health scare November, Ninjaman said he feels better and is back in the recording studio. The deejay was taken to Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston where he was treated for stomach pains.

Ninja Man Sick In Hospital 2015

Ninjaman said he is focusing on nurturing young talent to bring back the ‘authentic dancehall sound’.

Ninjaman is no stranger to music production. In 1987 he recorded and produced his first hit song, Protection, which featured singer Courtney Melody.

He is also preparing to celebrate his 50th birthday in January with the second staging of his Ocho Rios Festival.

“The first night, which is January 22 – 23, will host a sound clash followed by the stage show the following night,”he said.

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