Patsy Ricketts has joined the chorus of voices condemning Reggae star Chronixx, after he made a post to his Instagram account during President Obama’s visit that said “we glorifying some waste man’.

Elder Rastafarian matriarch and dancer has joined the chorus of voices condemning star .

Chronixx was in the line of fire last week for his ‘waste man’ comment that was supposedly aimed at United States President , and this week he is being blasted by Patsy Ricketts, who says he is ungrateful.

Ricketts is the mother of reggae singer J.O.E (also known as Lil Joe), who passed away in 2011. Chronixx’s connection to J.O.E can be heard in Warrior when he sang, “Jah ova evil, sword inna hand” as ‘Jah Ova Evil’ is what J.O.E said was the definition of his stage name.

Mother of Chronixx’s late friend speaks out against the singer

Ricketts vented her feelings over the social media and stopped short of labeling the artiste as ungrateful and has disassociated herself from anything to do with the artiste.

“My son Alty George Nunes also known as Jah Ova Evil (J.O.E) passed in 2011. Soon after he passed, Chronixx came into our lives, he actually slept in my son’s bed and stayed with us for about two years. From there, he worked on his hits “Behind Curtain,” “Warrior” and even his recent hit “Spirulina.” We had frequent reasonings about Rastafari, which he seldom agreed on, but we decided to put our energy into him because we saw the talent,” Ricketts said on her Facebook page.

“I will not forget the night when our youths started posting posters of Chronixx on light posts, we blogged on the Internet for him. in general, we pushed him forward. He obviously decided that he had used us enough and has never turned back to even say thank you, now who is the waste man.”

As a rastafarian, Ricketts also stressed that she does not want Chronixx to advocate on her behalf.

“We at Jah Ova Evil have completely disassociated ourselves from this young man. I do not wish for him to be an advocate for me as a Rastafarian or as a Jamaican because in order for one to be a good ambassador one has to take a page from His Imperial Majesty’s book, e.g being a good diplomat which simply means choosing your words wisely,” she said.

Last week, Chronixx was blasted for comments he made on social media where it appeared that he called Obama a ‘waste man’.

Following Obama’s visit to Jamaica, Chronixx posted a picture of Marcus Garvey on social media platform, Instagram, with a caption that said:

“This man … Still have criminal record in the United States and we glorifying some waste man! This man was hunted and imprisoned by our Jamaican government … who some years later, paved a peaceful and safe path for the US president to address is a … “race of good for nothings”. That’s why black faces don’t mean anything to rasta anymore.”

However, the post did not go down well with some persons and was subsequently removed.

The reggae singer has however been defended by Rastafari elders Miguel Lorne and Mutabaru.



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