Pashon Minott, the daughter of the late reggae singer Sugar Minott, has labeled Morgan Heritage singer Peetah Morgan an absentee father.

Peetah Morgan's Babymother Pashon Minott artiste is asking the father of her two children, fellow star , to allow her full custody. According to the artiste, she has been raising their children on her own for over six years now and she does not think custody should be shared.

The daughter of late reggae icon Sugar Minott, says she is already functional as a single parent and wants to make it legal, so that she can represent her children when necessary without having to seek Morgan’s consent.

She has already visited the Kingston and St Andrew Family Court for assistance and now has in her possession a summon for Morgan, who is being asked to appear inside the family court on December 2, 2013.

“Mr Morgan has not been a part of my children’s life for the past six and a half years. I am raising my children alone, but there are certain things that I cannot do without his approval and his signature.

I want permanent and full custody of my children because I am already functioning as such and I already have full custody of the children in America, I just want it in Jamaica as well,” Minott said.

The singer says she wants a smooth process and no argument with Morgan.

“The children don’t know where he lives he has made no communication with his children. So I just want him to come to the court on December 2 and grant me custody of my children. I want no drama, no money just come and sign the papers,” she said.

According to a letter signed and stamped by the clerk of the family court, Peetah Morgan should make himself available for the hearing in December and persons who are aware of his whereabouts should convince him to do so.

3 years ago, Pashon Minott released a single titled “Hush Baby Mother,” produced on the Snowflake Riddim.

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