Peter Tosh’s Son Beaten Into A Coma In Prison While Serving Six-Month Sentence For Marijuana

Jawara McIntosh, son of the late Peter Tosh, has been beaten into a coma in prison while serving a six-month sentence for marijuana-related charges.

, son of artist , has been beaten into a coma in prison while serving a six-month sentence for marijuana-related charges, according to the Huffington Post.

A petition demanding #JusticeForJawara has been set up asking the Department of Justice to investigate the prison policies and conditions that allowed this brutal beating to occur, according to the source.

The family is encouraging people to tweet using the hashtag #JusticeForJawara.

Jawara McIntosh is 37 years old and is a reggae artist known by the stage name “Tosh 1.”

Jawara is a practicing Rastafarian and advocate for the legalization of marijuana, having recently performed at the Freedom Rally in Boston, Massachusetts.

Within the Rastafari faith marijuana is a sacred herb, and has many known medicinal properties and value.

In a press release provided by Jawara’s family, Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, made a passionate plea calling for #JusticeForJawara:

“Like my grandfather Nelson Mandela, Peter Tosh was a real revolutionary. Peter adamantly opposed the apartheid regime and performed at anti apartheid concerts at a time when my grandfather was imprisoned for fighting for equal rights of Black South Africans. Now, Peter Tosh’s son Jawara remains in a coma after being brutally beaten while in custody on marijuana charges. We cannot be silent in the face of such inhumanity.”

Family attorney Jasmine Rand states:

“Many states and nations have begun the process of the legalization of marijuana in recognition of its medicinal, spiritual, industrial and recreational value; but far too many people continue to be stripped of their freedom for marijuana related charges resulting in mass incarceration, police brutality, and murder. Criminalizing marijuana legalizes the deprivation of human rights.”

Jawara’s family calls for justice:

“Our family will fight harder now than ever to Legalize It. We know that our father is here with us today strengthening our voices to fight for his son Jawara, and for our brothers and sisters throughout the world in jail, brutalized, or murdered over an herb that has the power to heal nations.”

Meanwhile, listen to “Legalize It” by the legendary Peter Tosh.

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