Usain Bolt Sparks Illuminati Rumours, Jamaicans Beg Him To Delete Photo

Usain Bolt sparks Illuminati rumours after sharing a photo of himself using a hand gesture supposedly associated with Freemasonry.
Usain Bolt Sparks Illuminati Rumours, Jamaicans Beg Him To Delete Photo

Photo credit: Instagram (@usainbolt)

Rumors of being a member of the reignited after the retired Sprint legend shared a picture of himself using a hand gesture that is supposedly synonymous with Freemasonry and other secret societies.

Jamaicans are now pleading with the fastest man ever recorded to remove his suspected photograph with his close friend/manager Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker from Instagram.

“Just two country yute a try get some of the crumbs. Mi bro NJ say keep my eye on the prize and gwan put in the work 🙏🏿🙌🏿 #AnythingIsPossible #DontThinkLimit,” captioned the photo, which was posted on May 15.

While the sign could be dismissed as a meaningless coincidence, this isn’t the first time Usain Bolt has done it and Jamaicans are certainly not here for it.

“Be careful with that hand sign my brother. Don’t want to send the wrong message,” one fan commented.

“Suh we good good Bolty really wan sell him soul or him do it already?,” a social media user questioned.

“What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul,” another added.

Several Dancehall music fans also chimed in on the controversy and insisted that Usain Bolt was representing for the 6-camp of the fast-rising Montego Bay-based deejay .

Meanwhile, Usain Bolt is currently in Paris, France, where he is loking forward to taking over the scooter market. He was present for the international launching of Bolt Electric Scooters by Bolt Mobility.

The Olympic gold medallist has yet to respond to the Illuminati allegations.

Conspiracy theorist claims Usain Bolt is a member of the Illuminati

In 2016, a conspiracy theorist claimed that the Bolt was indeed a member of the Illuminati after he was caught on camera showing off hand gestures associated with Freemasonry and Satanism at the Rio Olympics. However, fans have since poured cold water on the claims.

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