Aidonia’s wife Kimberly blasts social media users who aren't here for her recent boob job. Details inside!

, wife of superstar Aidonia, has come under attack by social media users after allegedly getting her recent boob job.

However, the mother of one, has blasted the haters in defense of her busty structure.

Aidonia & Wife Kimberly Lock Lips Online After Cheating Rumor

On Sunday (August 27), Kimberly debuted her new racks on Instagram when she shared a bosomy selfie to her 125K followers.

Sources alleged that the Dancehall diva got her breast implant surgery earlier this month but has been getting mixed reactions from her social media followers.

See the eye-popping photo of Aidonia’s busty wife Kimberly!

Aidonia wife Kimberly Megan Boob Job Breast Implant

While many applauded her new boobs, others called her out for now becoming another “plastic dolly.”

“She’s not natural anymore, affi follow all the gyal dem and guh do up har body. So dissappointed!” one user commented.

Kimberly quickly clapped back, replying:

“Shut the f**k up dummy.”

However, it did not stop there. The user then compares her to women who do their “body then get upset” when critized before referring to her as a “stupid woman” and “plastic dolly.”

“What the fuck are you getting offended at stupid woman? Am I not telling the truth?” the user asked before saying, “You women do up your bodies then get upset when people comment on it, retard. Gwan plastic dolly, yuh fava ediot.”

In response, Kimberly added that the user was probably upset because she wanted to do a surgery but couldn’t afford it.

“Who’s stupid me or u commenting on my page talking shit when I don’t even KNOW U EXIST,” Kimberly wrote.

“Go look a life u way too invested in other ppl life dumb ass lmao, me fava idiot but u agrue over breast that don’t belong to u and me never borrow u money either dumb ass u probly want do a surgery and can’y afford it abey ” she added.

Sources alleged that Kimberly and Aidonia are both loving her new boobs and she’s prepared for the backlash.

In 2016, the couple got married after four years of engagement. Three years prior to tying the knot, they welcomed a baby boy named King Khalif.

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