A rep for Popcaan confirms that the "Worl Cup" deejay was not attacked and grazed by a bullet during a drive-by shooting in Kingston.

star is alive and well, despite new reports that claim the Jamaican artist was attacked during a drive-by shooting in Kingston.

Popcaan Escaped Drive-by Shooting? Bullet Allegedly Grazed Deejay

Multiple reports surfaced on Friday, September 16, claiming that the “Unruly Rave” deejay was grazed by a bullet during a drive-by shooting outside of Shocking Vibes Studio.

A representative for the “Killy Killy” deejay confirmed to Hype Life Magazine that the drive-by shooting rumors are indeed false.

“There were no drive-by shooting or anything like that, Popcaan was not even on the island when that story surfaced,” his rep revealed.

“The Unruly boss was in Belize for a line of gigs, he has no time for foolishness.”

Popcaan To Appear In Drake’s Short Film ‘Please Forgive Me’

Last week, Popcaan was in Belize where he performed at a charity event with former Bad Boy rapper Shyne.

The “Kill Badmind” deejay has been feuding with Dancehall entertainer Mavado since the start of the summer.

However, on September 10, Popcaan, who real name is Andrae Sutherland, issued an apology to his fans and even saluted Mavado on Instagram, putting the lyrical battle behind him for good.

“To my younger and my older fans I would like to apologise for all the language that I been using in me and Mavado lyrical battle,” the Popcaan’s post read.

“We have no violence whatsoever towards each other. Bess up all real dancehall music fans wey been a follow the culture and bless up Mavado,” it continued.

Days after dancehall entertainer Popcaan issued a public apology to his fans via his Instagram account, there is still a heated discussion taking place on social media.

Fans of the Popcaan and his musical rival Mavado are at odds over the post as some believe Popcaan was throwing in the towel and giving up on the lyrical war between the two.

And although there were many users who felt that Popcaan’s move was his way of giving up on the ‘war’, others applauded the entertainer for not only being the bigger person, but also for thinking about how the clash could possibly affect his career.

Other social media users pointed out that in a time when dancehall artistes are blamed for many of the problems currently facing society, Popcaan’s post would not only reflect good on him but on the entire industry.

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