A new study claims that Rihanna is the most marketable celebrity.

In a new study released by The NPD Group, is named as the most marketable celebrity in America.

This is perhaps not that surprising, since prominent brands such as Dior and Puma both featured Rihanna as the face of their campaigns last year.

The study sought to identify the brand preferences of fans in order to help marketers identify the stars that are most likely to elicit positive engagement from consumers.

Rihanna came out on top as the most marketable celebrity, just above  and with Ne-Yo and Usher tied for third. 

The singer’s score, based on the total number of brands for whom she would be a strong endorser, is 367, which is three times higher than your average A-list celebrity, including Angelina Jolie.

Oddly enough, Jeep was one of the brands that drove Rihanna’s index score up, meaning that her fans display a significant preference for the car marque.

The study was conducted through the BrandLink database, which collated responses from consumer surveys regarding more than 1,000 celebrities and 2,500 brands in a diverse range of categories that included automotive, consumer packaged goods, beauty and fashion, restaurants, technology and more.

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