Fashion icon and pop singer Rihanna is ready to release her new album for her excited fans, but she is not ready for a child.

Rihanna Is Not Pregnant

Fashion icon and pop singer is ready to release her new album for her excited fans, but she is not ready for a child.

Amidst the swirl of rumors regarding Rihanna’s supposed pregnancy, the singer confirmed that there is no baby as of yet.

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Rihanna pregnancy rumors have been making the rounds for the last couple of weeks. However, sources close to the Bajan pop star confirmed with Hype Life Magazine that the reports are not factual.

“Rihanna has told people close to her that she is working on her baby and that has got some people confused, but what she has meant is that her new album is her baby and some have misconstrued that as she is having a baby,” a source close to the singer explains.

Another source also confirmed that Rihanna was not pregnant, claiming she “wants kids” but just not “right now.”

The rumors started when Rihanna shocked fans with a sonogram photo shown on Media Take Out.

Allegedly, Rihanna was nine weeks pregnant when the photo was taken. Even before Rihanna denied the rumors, experts were debunking the claim.

Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway is an OB-GYN and the author of “the Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy.” When she looked at Rihanna’s alleged sonogram, she disagreed with the statement that Rihanna is nine weeks pregnant, and still not showing a baby bump.

Dr. Linda reported, “The picture appears to be of a fetus that is already into the second trimester. It is more advanced than nine weeks.”

She is supported by Dr. Daniel Roshan of NYU Langone Medical Center, who also believes that the baby is much too large for the claim of nine weeks.

“To me looks like 12 to 13 weeks,” said Dr. Daniel Roshan.

Rihanna’s real name appeared on the sonogram, but that could just be the magic of Photoshop.

For the “Diamonds” singer, this rumor is just too unrealistic.

Rihanna has been single since her split with early last year. She is busy working on her studio album, code-named R8.

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