Shenseea Prepares To Release Reggae Album

Shenseea is preparing to drop her first EP, said to be a Reggae themed project.
Shenseea Prepares To Release Reggae Extended Play

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Shenseea is reportedly preparing to drop her first EP.

To showcase her versatility, singjay is said to be gearing up to release a Reggae-themed album, produced by Romeich Entertainment in 2018.

The “Jiggle Jiggle” entertainer and her team is now making arrangements with several Reggae stars who could be featured on the album.

“Shenssea have couple bad Reggae songs already so she just trying to see if she can land a few collaborations to finish it up,” a source told The Tropixs.

“She is a music lover, she is not tied down to any genre, so we working on a Reggae EP now and who knows there could be a Soca or a gospel project next,” the source indicated when asked about the reason for a Reggae project and not Dancehall.

With songs like “Loodi,” Jiggle Jiggle” and “Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Me,” the 21-year-old has definitely etched her name on the arena walls of dancehall.

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