Sizzla Kalonji and Teflon allegedly chased I-Octane out of West Kingston Jamboree stage show, forcing the artiste to leave without performing.

Sizzla Kalonji, Teflon allegedly Chased I-Octane out of Jamboree

Word on the streets, is that artistes Kalonji and allegedly chased out of popular stage show West Kingston Jamboree lastnight, forcing the artiste to leave without performing.

A report on Yard Flex states that “I-Octane was about to enter the platform to perform when Sizzla and his entourage chased him from behind the stage while telling the MC that he wanted to perform,” according to an eyewitness.

later called on Teflon and they both performed an extended set.

Sizzla is also said to have stayed behind after his performance blocking the entrance, to ensure that I-Octane did not touch the microphone, according to the report.


Another eyewitness claims that I Octane was slapped around by Sizzla’s entourage, however that has not been confirmed.

The stage show, West Kingston Jamboree — which had its genesis in 1999 — was discontinued by the security forces after the unrest of May 2010 which saw 73 civilians losing their lives.

Three members of Jamaica’s security forces also lost their lives in the operation.

An inquiry in that incident is currently under way at Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

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