Spice says VP Records is holding her hostage after years of delaying her debut album and as a result, she is threatening to sue the label.

is preparing for a legal battle with after several years of delay for her debut album.

The star revealed that she is now set to take legal action against the record label which she signed in 2009.

Spice threatens VP Records over album delay

According to Spice, she is fed up with the music company as there have been several dates announcing the release of a debut compilation from the Dancehall diva but an album is yet to materialise leaving fans disappointed.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star recently took to social media to blast the label, claiming that signing to them was the worst decision of her life.

“I’m ready to break my silence so tag @vprecords @vprecordsfloridaretail TELL THEM I WANT MY ALBUM OUT NOW or it’s WAR. I’m tired of fans asking me about my album I’ve been signed to them for 10 years and they never ever released one album for me. I do absolutely EVERY THING BY MYSELF. I finance my own career and push my own music while Dem siddung inna A/C Inna dem office every day a drink red wine. This was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my entire life,” she expressed on an Instagram post.

Spice headed for legal battle with VP Records

Speaking in her post-performance interview at Sumfest last Friday, Spice told reporters that the album delay results from differences between her and VP Records.

“I signed a contract with them (VP) from 2009 and that’s the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life,” Spice said.

“Up to this day, from 2009 they have not released an album with me, and so I’m ready now to battle with them in court because I have to fight for my fans, my fans need an album from me. They (VP) have left me with no other resort but to fight them to get out of this contract. I’ve just started the process because I’ve given them 10 years,” she added.

Spice also revealed that the label has done little to nothing to help throughout her career, claiming that she had to fund all her musical promotion herself throughout the years.

“I don’t disclose a lot of things about my career, how hard I work, how I do everything by myself. I finance my entire career by myself because the record company does absolutely nothing for me,” she expessed.

The “Gum” deejay advised young-upcoming artistes to avoid making the same mistake she did, stating it’s best they hold off from signing away their publishing rights and remain independent during their early years.

“I promote my own music, and I want to tell all the young artistes not to make the same mistakes I made because it’s really haunting me right now,” she said.

Additionally, in a candid Instagram Live video in February, Spice told fans to “Go ask nasty, dirty, stinking VP weh the album deh,” adding that she had voiced songs but to no avail.

This is not the first time a Dancehall artist has expressed the belief that their careers have been held back somewhat because of contracts signed with VP Records as said that he missed out on a deal with American producer and label owner Swizz Beatz due to the details of a VP contract he signed some 10 years ago.

VP Records has yet to respond to any of the claims made by Spice.

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