Dancehall artist Spice models in Fendi while twerking to Nicki Minaj hit single "Chun-Li."

is a true lover of brand names and .

The artist recently modeled stateside in Fendi while twerking to Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Chun-Li.”

The “Gum” singer took to Instagram to flaunt her latest fashion look.

“They painting me out to be the bad guy” 😂 I swear @nickiminaj did this entire song for me 💙 “Now she trying to be friends like i forgot”. #Chunli #Ibeenon #fendiprints on,” she wrote on the post, referring to Nicki Minaj’s track.

Peep the footage…

Last year, rumors surfaced that a collaboration between the Jamaican deejay and the Trinidadian rapper was on the horizons after Minaj publicly endorsed Spice’s remix of her popular song, “Indicator,” dubbing the ‘Queen of the Stage’ as the female .

Spice told media reporters that landing a collab with the “Super Bass” rapper would be a dream come true, dubbing Minaj as one of her musical inspirations.

“I already posted how much I would love to collab with her, so I’m just waiting for that day to now become reality,” Spice said.

“Doing a collaboration with Nicki Minaj would be a dream come true. She’s now following me on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m so elated to have someone I look up to, showing me so much love. It feels good to be a fan of someone who is a fan of me,” she added.

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