TMZ reported that Suge Knight allegedly threatened to kill the weed shop owner. Read more inside the article!

Suge Knight Beat Up Weed Dealer And Its Caught On Camera

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TMZ reported that allegedly threatened to kill a weed shop owner.

The owner of the weed shop in Los Angeles reportedly told Suge Knight to leave his store because he didn’t have a medical marijuana card.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that cops were summoned Sunday to an L.A. marijuana dispensary, and when they arrived an employee dropped the dime on Suge.

The store owner attempted to defuse the situation while Suge was getting angry for not getting in to the shop … but it didn’t work and that’s when Suge really blew up.

According to law enforcement sources, Suge told an employee, “I will kill you.”

Law enforcement officials are now investigating the incident after the shop owner filed a police complaint.

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