Tessanne Chin Facebook Page Hacked, Recovered

Tessanne Chin's Facebook fan page was recently hacked and flooded with sexually-suggestive, explicit links and posts. Fortunately, things are back to normal.

Tessanne Chin Facebook Page Hacked, Recovered

Jamaican singer ’s Facebook fan page was hacked and flooded with sexually-suggestive and other explicit posts on Dec. 6.

On Monday, the songbird Tessanne has released a statement on the issue.

“We have been experiencing some Hacking issues with this page and until Facebook fixes this, please bear with us. You know I don’t post anything suggestive and I am so sorry if anyone is offended by the Hackers posts. As would say, “It wasn’t me!”Hopefully they will fix it soon,” Chin noted on her Facebook page.

The “Hide Away” singer first issued a warning over via Twitter, while her Facebook page had been deactivated until the breach was addressed.

The breaches follow a similar hacking of Jamaican celebrities’ Facebook pages including , , , , in early June.

Many of their fans were exposed to pornographic and sexually-suggestive content.

Earlier this year, Tessanne and her sisters, Tami and Terri opened Blow by Blow, a super speedy version of today’s hair salon which focuses just on the “blow out”.

Tessanne Chin is mostly known for her international hit Hideaway and of course for winning The Voice (2013), a popular American TV show where the “undiscovered” singer gets a one in a million chance to cultivate their talent, look and brand with the guidance from international stars in front of millions of viewers.

In the meanwhile, watch Tessanne’s latest visual “Fire”, written by Balewa Muhammad (Britney Spears, Ciara) and produced by Justice League.

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