Tifa highlights flaws in the Dancehall industry after performing at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

is putting the industry on blast following her energetic performance at Sumfest 2017.

On Saturday (July 22), the Dancehall artist took to social media to speak on the shortcomings in Jamaica music.

“Pardon the expletives! But there is too much fucking buy out, bias, friend thing & fight down inna dancehall music!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

“That’s why we Can’t reach nowhere! We need fi stop promote fuckry!!! Nuff talented artists nah get them just shine & highlight because of foolishness !!! That’s why our music can never be better & reach it’s true potential & others will continue to capitalize & use our music to hit billboard and we deh ya a bleach pon certain selecta fi scream out ova certain song weh nah go nowhere!!! Anyways my performance was awesome even tho the time given to me was a shitty time. I still rocked it!!! No matter how people try to go around me, God always raise me above!!! The promo people Dem wah a make them post the ugly pic wid me know this!!! It still nah make unu no better #nextlevel #blessed #reggaesumfest2017”

Peep footage of  Tifa performing at 2017…

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