Tommy Lee Sparta talks arrest experience, leaked photo from lockup and lyrical war with Jahmiel.

has finally opened up about his encounter with masked police, who had arrested the deejay at an ATM after performing at the Magnum Kings and Queens finale last month.

In an interview with OnStage host Winford Williams, the “Outlaw” deejay discussed his experience as a detainee, the leaked photo from lockup and his lyrical feud with Jahmiel.

“Mi hear bare noise outta door, when mi come out — bare gun mi see going to the vehicle I was in, good thing I did come out of the vehicle. Bare masked man and them thing there,” Tomme Lee Sparta revealed.

“Mobay jail is the wickedest jail in the world,” he added and laughed.

Photo Of Tommy Lee Sparta Wearing Only Underwear In A Cell Leaked Online Amidst Police Custody

After being locked up for nine days by the police, the “Watch Dem Enuh” deejay was ordered to be released from custody on May 29.

A judge ruled that the entertainer was improperly detained under the Public State of Emergency.

The police had claimed that Tommy Lee Sparta had fled St James and that he could not be found at the St Andrew address which was given for him.

He was arrested in Kingston and later transferred to St James where he was being held under the emergency powers of the State of Public Emergency, a move that his lawyer expressed as a violation of his constitutional rights.

The artist, whose given name is Leroy Russell, is known for songs such as ‘Some Bwoy’, ‘Warn Dem’ and ‘Dismiss’, as well as recent ‘diss’ songs aimed at rival artiste, Jahmeil, with whom he has been feuding.

Catch the full OnStage interview with Tommy Lee Sparta this Staurday at 9PM [EST] on CVM TV.

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