Usain Bolt says he can't tell the difference between a groupie and a good woman.

The world’s fastest man, , says he still can’t tell the difference between a groupie and a virtuous woman.

The Jamaican sprint legend admitted that he has gotten better over the years when it comes to women, but he is still clueless in knowing when he finds a decent woman or just a female groupie.

“I think I have gotten better over the years when it comes to women. But there is no way to tell the difference between a groupie and a good woman,” Usain Bolt told Pag Six during a Kentucky Derby party with Mumm Champagne in Manhattan on Saturday (May 6).

“All I can do is have a discussion, and it is all about talking to people. I have been around so many people, so over time I kind of figure them out,” he added.

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In April, the Olympian was rumored to be dating 23-year-old Australian model Holly Young.

He allegedly romanced Young at a luxury hotel in Munich, Germany. They have been seen dining at some of the city’s finest restaurants during their four-day rendezvous.

Usain Bolt and Holly Young allegedly dating in Germany 2017

The sprinter has been dating his Jamaican-based girlfriend Kasi Bennett for four years and said he is ready to start a family but he is not rushing. 

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“I have [had] a girlfriend for four years now [and] it’s going steadily, so we’re thinking about kids very soon,” Bolt told PEOPLE Magazine.

“We’ll see how it goes, we’re taking our time,” he added.

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Last year summer, Bolt notoriously made headlines following the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when he was photographed in bed with a female who claimed they had sex.

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He was also seen in the club kissing with another woman and gyrating with another before bringing his groupies to London.

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Bolt then jetted to a getaway vacation in Bora Bora with his homeland girl Kasi Bennett to make things up on a week long vacation.

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Usain Bolt is the highest-paid athlete in the history of the sport, earning $42 million in one year.

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