Trap-fused Dancehall artist Rygin King rolls deep in a Porsche during his first tour in the US. Peep the "Tuff" deejay in the footage!

, who has made ripples in the music industry with his trap-fused singles, was recently spotted in red Porsche Boxster convertible during his tour in the US.

The “Tuff” deejay was filmed smoking while seated in the luxury sports car.

Rygin King acquired his US visa and work permit recently, and is already making use of it.

It is no secret that established dancehall artistes have had tough luck acquiring US work permits. However, this was not the case for the fast-rising recording artist, who explained it means putting out good music that promoters in Jamaica and outside the country will notice and buy into.

“I don’t have control over the visa markets or the embassies, but if young artistes plan fi mek international moves them just need to do the right things,” said Rygin King.

“Along with good music, I can only advise them fi stay out of trouble and watch them affiliations that is a major factor,” he added.

Rygin King believes that while smash song “Tuff” has close to three million views on YouTube, it is the hard-hitting single “How Mi Grow” that attracted the international audience. He also noted that he has also been featured on international radio stations, New York’s Hot 97 Fm and Jamz 101.5 in Atlanta.

“It means a lot to me that my music dancehall-trap music, is relatable, and with the amount of Jamaicans living overseas it helps to spread it further, so big up to the Diaspora,” he told media reporters.

On the musical front, the Jamaican deejay has dropped a new single, “Legacy,” which has already attracted more than 1 million views on YouTube in three weeks and has been trending in the top 10 since its release.

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