Vybz Kartel Health Returns To Spotlight After Leaked Prison Video

Dancehall fans are worried about Vybz Kartel's health after a leaked video of the artist playing football in prison surfaced online.

’s health has been hurled into the spotlight once again after a recently leaked video from prison.

The footage allegedly revealed the superstar playing football on the grounds of General Penitentiary Prison in Kingston.

Vybz Kartel Health Returns To Spotlight After Leaked Prison Video

Watch: #VybzKartel Allegedly Spotted Playing Football In Prison! 😲😃

Several Dancehall fans took to social media to question the authenticity of the footage while others showed concern about his health, commenting that Kartel looks fragile and abnormally thin.

“Is this video even real, I refuse to believe thats Kartel,” one fan expressed.

“Kartel look sick in that video, is he okay? no they need to let him out of prison he look like him near death,” another wrote.

“Is Vybz Kartel sick?” several asked.

“Di Teacha look him sick or something him maga (thin) bad and look like him can’t even run like two steps and him a gasp for breath,” another added.

Sources close the “Worl Boss” deejay told Hype Life Magazine that Vybz Kartel is indeed in good health despite the concerns raised by his fans.

“You can not presume Addi to be in perfect health after getting thirty-five years in prison for a crime he allegedly committed,” the source said.

“I heard that Kartel don’t even eat prison food, his family and friends bring food for him as often as possible. I also heard that he doesn’t even eat meat, only fish and vegetable. So people can’t expect him to be big and fat.”

Vybz Kartel was rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe chest pain in 2013. He was also hospitalized last year September for an unknown illness. Sources claimed that he was complaining about pain in his chest.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, has been behind bars since 2011. He is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 35 years.

In an effort to overturn his conviction, the Jamaican entertainer has submitted an appeal, which will get underway in the Jamaica Appeal Court in July this year.

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