Jamaican media personality Yanique Barrett reveals that she is filled with plastic on social media.

Yanique Curvy Diva poked at herself while babysitting over the weekend.

While looking after a toddler, the media personality-turn-recording artist ran into some difficulties when the baby got hungry and wanted to be breastfed.

The “Lifestyle” singer took to social media to reveal that she had to immediately call the mother of the child because her breasts have no milk as they’re filled with plastic.

“My little pumpkin ever flop me, after me feel all trendy in my dress with my breast all out and sexy,” she wrote.

“She just remind me that the main purpose of the breast is to feed them 😂😂😂😂😂 (I just called her Mom because my breast have no Milk just plastic).”

Yanique Curvy Diva Says She is Filled With Plastic

In early 2016, the Jamaican singer, whose real name is , was accused of undergoing .

After sharing the stage with popular American celebrities Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at BritJam 2016 in Montego Bay, she shared several busty pictures on her personal Instagram page.

Instead of focusing on her hosting gig, fans were more concerned with her body features, with many claiming that her body seemed fake.

Many persons openly bashed self-proclaimed ‘Curvy Diva’, with some persons even creating collages seemingly comparing her current appearance to previous years.

Yanique Barrett Sexy Photos 2017

However, in a press release at that time, Barrett neither confirmed nor denied altering her body.

“When someone is considered a sex symbol there is always going to be rumours and questions about what is real or fake,” the statement read.

“People should refrain from making judgements when they aren’t aware of the facts. Not everyone with a nice body has done surgery, so that should never be the assumption. I’ve always projected a positive self image, and will continue to inspire young girls to love themselves and always be confident regardless of their body type.”

Prior to her statement, several fans and websites trashed the host, accusing her of misleading the public.

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