Sting has again lived up to its reputation for drama. The 2015 event ended with a number of top acts, including Beenie Man, yet to perform.

Reggae STING 2015 — the annual Boxing Day show ended prematurely at 6:15 am Sunday (December 27), when police halted proceedings at the Jamworld complex in Portmore, St Catherine.

It ended with a number of top acts (including Beenie Man, Gully Bop and Ninja Man) yet to perform, Hype Life Magazine has learned.

Tanto Blacks’ manager, Tandra Jahgroo, says he, along with fellow Dancehall artistes , , Quick Cook and others never got a chance to perform their set, due to the promoter’s lack of organization, as the show was running behind schedule, and then came to an abrupt ending.

Dancehall new-comers Devin Di Dakta and Vershon expressed disappointment with the event’s organisers, adding that their fans were left saddened.

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Mc Nuffy commented on the bottle-throwing incident at the event… “Alright mon, bottle fling an everything, A suh it guh sometime, just live.”

One disappointed patron said… “Look how sting empty, jus big and empty, mi hate sting, police come lock it off, watch deh.”

This year’s event had an ‘old school’ flavour and was dubbed ‘From Now Till Then’. A number of artistes who shone in the 1980s and 1990s, including Burro Banton, Major Mackerel, Jigsy King, and Tony Curtis, did brief performances.

Notable performances came from rising contemporary act Jahmiel along with Professor Nuts, Turbulence, , Frisco Kid, Silva Cat, Junior Demus, Maestro Don, , Tabeta Cshae, Raine Seville and Sophia Brown.

Starface wears Shocking Hot Outfit At STING 2015

STING 2015: Sky Juice - BUJU BANTON tribute

Famous dancehall selector Sky Juice did a tribute to incarcerated reggae legend Buju Banton.

was phenomenal on stage with timeless anthems such as “Greetings,” “Level The Vibes,” “Mr. Landlord” and “Hold On.” Bandelero, Pinchers, Tiger, Lady G, , and Courtney Melody also gave memorable performances.

However, STING 2015 was cut shortly after 6 a.m. when a sexually-charged set by Dancehall newcomer, Starface prompted police officers to call an early end to the show, before headliners such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Gully Bop and Ninja Man were unable to take the stage.

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There were many loud complaints as members of the audience drifted away.

However, the expression of anger was restricted to words, as some disappointed patron reportedly threw bottles. Several other patrons were reportedly asking for refunds. Isaiah Laing, the event’s founder and promoter, could not be reached for comment.

The show struggled to attract general interest going in, with Laing choosing not to line-up some of today’s hot acts such as Kranium, , Gage and Kalado while Mavado, Aidonia, , , Spice, Tifa, Busy Signal and several other heavy hitters were notable absentees.

Additionally, the clashing theme that has been a staple of the show since its inception in the 1980s was left off, with Laing sighting last year’s fight between the camps of Masicka and Demarco during the show.

Known for theatrics, including artiste ‘clashes’ and outrageous fashions, Sting has been a top dancehall draw since it was first held in 1984 at Cinema 2 in Kingston.

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