Ishawna faces backlash for raunchy song "Equal Rights" on which she demands oral sex.

artist has recently released a new song, “Equal Rights,” featured on same beat of Ed Sheeran’s smash “Shape Of You.”

The controversial single has been creating waves on social media as it addresses a topic that many still consider taboo in Jamaica.

Ishawna, who has been known to dabble in controversy, painted a provocative picture as she belts out lyrics encouraging women to be vocal on issues surrounding oral sex.

“I just got started. Weh yuh think one round can do? Bumpa to your forehead, show me wah yuh tongue can do,” Ishawna sings.

“If yuh nuh have it inna waist, yuh better have it inna face. Bright enough fi a look gyal fi shine yuh, and yuh nuh wah taste.”

The highly-explicit track has received a lot of attention and mixed reviews since it’s release on April 25.

Ishawna has set tongues wagging with her highly contentious song about the right of women to demand, expect and receive oral sex from men.

The song makes it clear to men that for too long they have been demanding and receiving certain oral favours with scant regard to the woman’s entitlement to reciprocal action.

The Jamaican artist has been overwhelmed by the support the song has been receiving thus far, especially from the women.

However, Ishawna’s team says that she expects to receive backlash for the song, particularly from the male audience, as men performing oral sex is still a big ‘no no’ in Jamaica.

Social media fans were swift with their reactions to Ishawna’s “Equal Right.”

“Jah know Ishawna give the women them stripes lol,” a user wrote.

“Ishawna you nuh easy a bbc bless up you self still babz,” another user wrote.

“Yow man a bun out this straight, A weh di fuck do ishawna?” wrote an irritated user.

“A that’s why foota lef you bloodclaat you too f$%king nasty bring them thing overseas not ja,” wrote another making reference to Ishawna’s ex-man and baby-father, Foota Hype.

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