Ishawna opens up about oral sex and her controversial song Equal Rights.

artist , who has found herself in the limelight once more with the release of her controversial single, “Equal Rights,” discussed her relationships, family, and music on Sways Universe.

“Equal Rights” has been creating waves on social media as it addresses a topic that many still consider taboo in the island.

Ishawna Demands Oral Sex With “Equal Rights” Song

The entertainer, who has been known to dabble in controversy, painted a provocative picture as she belts out lyrics encouraging women to be vocal on issues surrounding oral sex.

A source close to Ishawna told Hype Life Magazine that the artist has been overwhelmed by the support the song has been receiving thus far, especially from the women.

However, Ishawna says she expects to receive backlash for the song, particularly from the male audience, as men performing oral sex is still a big ‘no no’ in Jamaica.

Watch the full interview with Ishawna discussing the lyrics, origin, and controversy of her song “Equal Rights”.

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