Listen to "Laugh & Gwan" by Mavado, produced by Lee Milla.

released a new single, “Laugh & Gwan,” produced by Lee Milla.

On the groovy record, the artist brags about being successful while throwing jabs at his ongoing critics and musical rivals.

 “Laugh and gwan, we laugh and gwan / Meanwhile them a talk pon me name and gwan… / Mi have a billion dollar paw mi title / Mama seh David the f**ker dem nuh like you / Mi have a million shots fi the rifle / Bomber thick like ?? Beside you / Now a foot deh suh, hand deh suh,” Mavado sings over the Dancehall riddim.

Since the start of 2017, the Jamaican deejay has been releasing a steady stream of new music which has allowed him to maintain a strong presence on Dancehall airwaves.

Listen to “Laugh and Gwan” by Mavado.

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