Listen to Days In The East by Drake, seemingly released about his new love Rihanna.

Drake - Days In The East (For Rihanna)

has seemingly released a track about his new love .

Drake, 27, is feeling the love for Rihanna, 26, so much so that we think he had to put his feelings into a new song called “Days In The East.”

The track seemingly goes on to diss Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown, who is currently spending time behind bars.

It makes sense that the Canadian rapper would be singing his love for the island diva.

The two have been pretty much inseparable ever since they decided to start seeing each other exclusively, so maybe this track, and their inability to part from one another are signs of an inseparable further together as well.

Listen to Days In The East by Drake.

[audiotube id=”cLcN4kjKOWE”]


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