Listen to Whisper by RDX.

RDX - Whisper

stars duo released a new single Whisper.

Whisper” is co-produced by the spicy Picante Music and Apt 19, adds to the stellar year of singles RDX has pushed out.

Known heavily for notorious “dancehall” singles, RDX begin 2014 shedding light to the diversity of their musical creativity, releasing singles such as “Sexy Touch” “Touch 101”.

Following up to those eargasm singles, RDX delivered new pulsating Dancehall classics like “Hold Yuh Lane” “Fluffy Girl Anthem” and “Head Top”.

Now RDX merges the sexual prowess of Dancehall with explicit dalliances of after dark entertaining. Whisper in its clean version is simply a tease of male and female flirtation, catchy enough for radio play. The uncut chronicle has just the right amount of raunchiness to taunt our natural desires. The track itself beckons a nice slow whine, while deejay Renigade delivers commanding verses peppered while singer Delomar’s persuasive chorus.

“Whisper” along with other current singles “Bad Gyal Wine” (Seanizzle Records), “Bubble” (Hapilos) and “Lose Yourself” (Major Lazer) are an integral part of any RDX fan playlist as the progressive duo prepares for the release of two albums. While the albums, “Soul Poetry” and “Bangers” , won’t release until later in the year the catalog of fresh singles will keep RDX on the ears of fans and djs in anticipation.

Listen to Whisper by RDX.

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