PHOTO: Amita Webb Flaunts Bikini Body At Lime Cay Beach

Amita Webb flaunts her bikini body on the beach in Kingston, Jamaica. Must see photo!

Business Access TV’s flaunts her strong figure in an orange bikini on the beach at Lime Cay in Kingston.

Amita is definitely one of Jamaica’s most eye-catching media personalities.

Amita Webb Flaunts Summer Body At Lime Cay

The former Miss Jamaica World contestant recent talks on maintaining her beauty, her Jamaican roots, motherhood and more.

“Outside of maybe working out, I don’t do anything too special. My focus isn’t physical beauty, there’s so much more to ‘beautiful’ people than a face and a curvy shape, it’s an authentic energy, an authentic aura,” Amita told 876-411.

She also revealed tat she was “born in Moscow, Russia then moved to Jamaica at three.”

“I was born in Moscow, Russia then moved to Jamaica at three, where I spent most of my childhood. I’ve also lived in Guyana and the U.S. My parents are not only from two different countries but they’re also complete opposites. Diversity adds to life, but at the end of the day we’re all people and want the same things, for the most part.,” she explained.

Amita, who gave birth to Asafa Powell’s lovely daughter Avani in 2012, reflects on how motherhood affects her personally and professionally.

“Motherhood has changed things quite a bit for me. I’m a lot better at time management now than before; it gets difficult to balance at times. I’m a mom first, everything else comes after,” Amita said.

The beauty queen also revealed what she looks for in a partner.

“I find honesty, intelligence and a sense of humor to be pretty high on the list…It would be a bonus if he wants a big family, I wanna have a really big family one day.,” she said.

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