Jamaican singjay and Beenie Man ex-wife, D'Angel Downer, has hit the beach with her son Macro Dean, in Hellshire, Jamaica.

D'Angel and Son Marco Dean Parties on Hellshire Beach

’s ex-wife D’Angel and son enjoys Hellshire Beach

Jamaican singjay and Beenie Man ex-wife, D’Angel Downer, has hit the beach with her son Macro Dean, in Hellshire, Jamaica.

The singer who is now sporting a long red hair, recently shared this photos of herself and son on the beach in Hellshire.

The diva sported a two piece bikini while posing with her stout son, Marco.

“My son the most precious gift from God and the driving force in my life #unconditional love.” – D’Angel via instagram.

Hellshire Beach is located near Portmore, and famed for its fried fish and safe swimming. It has near white sands with a very small trace of black sand.

D’Angel ignores Foota Hype diss, Disregards comment made during squabble with Ishawna

Following a disparaging comment selector Foota Hype made about her, D’Angel says she refuses to focus on negativity.

In what can be deemed as the current dancehall soap opera, Foota Hype has been making the rounds with less than favourable comments about his ex-fiancée Ishawna, producer Skatta and Downsound Records CEO Joseph Bogdanovich.

Although not involved in the situation in any way, D’Angel somehow got dragged into a 14-minute long interview with Foota Hype that was posted on YouTube.

Foota Hype vented about the songs, Restraining Order and Cry Baby, that were done by Ishawna, claiming that they were disrespectful. He also alleged that Ishawna is involved with both Skatta and Bogdanovich.

But he did not stop there.

“When she a do dem song deh, it really aggravate me because you a talk bout mi a stalk you and a terrorise you and you know mi not even a look at you. When mi see yuh mi see scum, mi see dirt, she worse than D’Angel,” he said.

D’Angel, who is on tour in England, says she is disappointed by Foota’s comments.

“It is sad to see how someone can stoop so low and tarnish my reputation. It is sad to see how far someone will go to get a hype,” said D’Angel.

“No one has the power to take away what I built over a decade. Right now I am soaring to higher heights. I don’t embrace negativity, especially from a man. I have a son and I would never allow him to disrespect a woman. I empower women,” she said.

With her English tour in full swing, D’Angel says she is focusing on her career.

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