Dancehall has a vicious dance move called "Dive Pon Pum Pum," which has reportedly returned to the nightlife scenes.

New Dancehall Dance 'Dive Pon Pum Pum' -

has a vicious move called “Dive Pon Pum Pum,” which has reportedly returned to the nightlife scenes.

While most times party patrons are just drunk and messing around trying new things, dances get choreographed at almost every Dancehall street event held in .

“Pum Pum, ” a Jamaican term, is used to refer to a female private area, the vagina.

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The photo above shows Dancehall dancing sensation Skerrit Bwoy taking a dive from a ladder, to his landing zone — a female patiently lying on the ground (with her legs wide open, ready for him to charge in).

The dance was commenced earlier when “Daggering” was taking the place in 2008, not “Twerking.”

Words in the streets is that the dance is making it rounds.

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