Dancehall diva Ishawna, wearing no panties, delivered a short but spicy performance on the LIME Full Black concert 2014.

Video: ISHAWNA Performs live at Full Black

was ‘good girl gone bad’ at LIME Full Black

Down Sound recording artiste Ishawna delivered a short but spicy set during her first appearance on the LIME Full Black concert at the LIME Golf Academy in New Kingston on Sunday morning.

Ishawna decided to up the ante during her performance, which set social media abuzz.

The air was charged with anticipation as she walked out dressed in a nun’s habit.

Video: Ishawna – Restraining Order
PHOTO: Ishawna Sports Battyrider, Flaunts Cheeks

She then stripped down seductively to a full black body suit that got a lot of screams from the females in the audience, and hoots of approval from the males.

Video: ISHAWNA Performs live at Full Black


Then she belted out the words of her hit song, Need Love and got an immediate forward. Reports are that she had to perform the song again.

“When a man get this, him haffi walk and talk bout ya!” she said, patting herself.

“Some gal need fi go quarantine dem — fi 21 days like Ebola because it don’t good,” she added.

She then did a line of her hit, Everybody ah Go Know, then interjected a new line:

“Everybody know say me and Skatta fuck,” she yelled.

“Big up the man dem who know how fi tek care of a woman, some man get dem chance and when the woman left, dem start World War 3, election run, yu lose yu seat!!!!” she shouted to even more forwards.

She then performed Restraining Order, earning two forwards as the females sang the punch line:

“Stop watch out mi good good’ repeatedly then she closed her set with “Cry Baby.”

After Ishawna’s performance, the police closed the show as the event had gone over its allotted time.

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