Rihanna took to Instagram to show off what looks like two giant blunts in Amsterdam.

Rihanna Lights Up 2 Giant Blunts 2

is living the high life in .

The singer indulged in some gigantic blunts in the pot-friendly city on Saturday, revealing her exploits in a series of photos posted on Instagram.

The singer revealed an array of smoking pics, starting with one where she stated her feelings on marijuana, captioning a pic of her sitting in a veiled pink beanie, “#LegalizeIt”.

The bajan singer then upped her game, posing for a pic with her two massive blunts, complete with two lighters.

Rihanna donned the same pink beanie and mermaid sweatshirt, along with an enviable measure of diamonds.

The Diamonds World Tour touched down in Amsterdam this weekend, with Rihanna scheduled to play two shows at the Ziggo Dome.

Naturally, upon arriving, the 25-year-old singer celebrated with a treat the city is famous for.

On Saturday, Rihanna posted several photos on Instagram documenting her cloudy adventures with one of her BFFs .

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