Popcaan Gets Drake’s ‘OVO’ Owl Tattoo

Popcaan's newest tattoo, Drake's brand logo 'OVO Sound Owl', kicks social media into a frenzy.

artiste appears to have gotten a new permanent tattoo of ’s Owl logo on his forearm.

According to social media users, the new ink could support the suspicion that the “Controlla” deejay and Drake are officially musical besties.

The tattoo, which resembles details of OVO Sound, was manifested earlier in the week after rumors that indicate that Popcaan could be joining the Toronto rapper’s recording label in the near future.

The Jamaican entertainer has come under harsh criticism from some fans on social media platforms following his recent tattoo.

Popcaan's New Tattoo Is Drake's Brand OVO Owl Logo

Drake Gets ‘Unruly’ Skull Tattoo

However, a furious Popcaan wasn’t having it and decided to blast an Instagram user.

“British linkz me do wey me fi like and me nuh affi ask nobody permission,” he promptly commented on a photo of his tattoo.

“Me a me own boss incase yo neva bom*****t know,” he added.

Drake, on the other hand, has also gotten a new unruly ink on Thursday. Just weeks ago, he and his ex-boo got matching sharks .

How is Popcaan’s new tattoo looking to you?

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