Usain Bolt’s fun 'daggering' trip to Trinidad for Carnival is sparking some American misinterpretation.

Ne-Yo To Usain Bolt- "Daggering -- In America That’s Sexual Assault!"

’s fun ‘daggering’ trip to Trinidad for Carnival is sparking some American misinterpretation.

The differences in culture leaves lots of space for misinterpretation. The misinterpretation has led to some support from a surprise ally R&B singer .

The Jamaican sprinter, who features in a number of Virgin adverts for broadband, was pictured in a nightclub ‘daggering’ with a female.



The Olympic gold medalist was spotted at a Carnival celebration dancing with a woman. The dance that Bolt and the unidentified woman were doing is commonly called daggering. It’s really just a man and woman dry humping with varying degrees of intensity to a rhythm.

Usain Bolt faced some criticism after the clip of the brief dance surfaced online. It lead singer Ne-Yo to give a comment on it when he was approached about it in NYC. Ne-Yo was asked if daggering would catch on in America and Ne-Yo responded:

“No. I don’t think so. In New York, that’s called something else–rape.”

Ne-Yo did say he daggers, but only in countries where it’s socially acceptable.

All we have to say about the overtly sexual dance is Usain Bolt better make sure those women are of legal age when he wants to dagger because it doesn’t take much for black men to be thrown in jail these days.

Originating from Jamaica, daggering is a controversial dance form designed to imitate sexual intercourse.

It is considered more explicit than grinding and can include acrobatic stunts in which one partner jumps on to another from a height.

The dance is said to have been performed in Jamaica for a number of years but has only recently become known by the name daggering.

There have been efforts in recent years to crack down on daggering in Jamaica, with the nation’s Broadcast Commission banning songs and music videos which show or promote the dance.

Watch the footage below!

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