As a tribute to Tessanne's solid performance on "The Voice," Michael Abraham prepared a fascinating poem. Watch it now!

Tessanne by Michael Abrahams (Poem) 2013

 Jamaican comedian and poet Dr. sent us his latest piece of poetry titled TESSANNE.

On September 24, 2013 — Jamaican singer Tessane Chin dominated night two of this season’s blind auditions, with an energetic performance that had all four judges turned around by the time she hit the song’s chorus.

Having performed on tour with well-known singer Jimmy Cliff, Tessanne is no novice, but she was still nervous to go on The Voice.

Having survived the blind auditions, battle and knockout rounds, singer Tessanne Chin again passed another round and was Thursday night (November 7) announced one of the top 12 finalists on United States-based vocal competition, The Voice.

As a tribute to Tessanne’s solid performance on “The Voice,” Michael Abraham prepared a fascinating poem in the video below!

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