Listen to 'Fall Inna Love' by Vybz Kartel, produced by Seanizzle Records.

Incarcerated artist has released a new tune for the ladies “Fall Inna Love” in time for his Set Good Gaza Party.

In the song, he professes his love for “young gal with stiff breasts” but doesn’t leave out the “long time big woman with experience”.

It’s not the usual raunchy girl tune we have come to expect from Vybz Kartel like ‘Tek Buddy Gal’ but more of a complimentary tune for the ladies.

It’s not a club banger either with more of a slow beat like his ‘Colouring This Life’ released in June earlier this year.

Listen to “Fall Inna Love” by Vybz Kartel, produced by Seanizzle Records.

The “Worl Boss”  deejay has been in news a lot recently, despite being incarcerated for 5 years.

Rolling Magazine recently did an article on the artist quoting that he still runs after all these years and speaking on his influence.

“He is just a very real person, who says what people wouldn’t say, and I think that’s why people identify with him”, said Shona-Lee S. Thompson, brand manager for his clothing line.

The clothing line debuted in July of this year, with a launch party with Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Palmer, the DJ’s common-law wife, as special guest.

The incarcerated but obviously not silent artist has been receiving support from fellow members of the Dancehall fraternity with Ninja Man saying artists “badmind” Kartel “because dem feel like seh him deh behind bars and still have the power of running dancehall in the streets”.

This comes after Flexx from TOK commented that Vybz Kartel should not be recording in jail because it’s not giving other artists a chance to shine.

The Set Good Gaza Party to be held on the 17th of December is sponsored by his best-selling book “The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” and promises giveaways from the clothing line.

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